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Bird Feed: Pels Rise In Power Rankings

Many were unfazed by the two blowouts the past week.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation Power Rankings

The Mothership was unmoved by the Pelicans peformance this week, keeping them at 18th.

The Pelicans had a trip through California that didn't go so hot, but closing it out with a game against the Lakers helped ease the pain a bit. New Orleans has a brutal week coming up, though, so this might not get any better any time soon. Power Rankings keeps the Pelicans at 18th two weeks in a row.

The addition of Omer Asik was supposed to help the Pelicans make the leap defensively. But here they are in the bottom 10 for the third straight year. The defense had been strong with Asik and Anthony Davis on the floor together, but it fell apart in road losses to the Warriors and Clippers last week. The Pelicans are 2-6 against teams ahead of them in the West.

ESPN Power Rankings

Marc Stein has the Pels up six spots to 14th this week.

Anthony Davis is going to test the unwritten Gotta Win 50 Games rule of MVP contention like never before if he maintains his otherworldly PER of 33.3 for a team that would probably take 41-41 if you offered it to them right now. The record for PER is Wilt Chamberlain's 31.8 reading back in 1962-63.

Sports Illustrated Power Rankings

New Orleans up to 15th this week from 18th after going 2-2.

If Anthony Davis keeps up his torrid play, he could become the first player to lead the league in blocks and steals. Davis is No. 1 in swats (2.9 per game) and No. 3 in steals (2.1).

Yahoo! Power Rankings

Marc Spears has New Orleans holding fast at 18th for the second consecutive week.

Forward Anthony Davis is tied with Kobe Bryant and James Harden as the NBA’s leading scorer, averaging 25.2 points per game.

Stats of Note

Despite an overall losing record and two embarrassing losses, the Pelicans gained ground or stayed put. Considering how many of the top spots are occupied by other Western Conference teams, it's good to see the Pelicans have gotten some credit. This is especially true when factoring in strength of schedules as evidenced on basketball reference.