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Pistons Waive Josh Smith: Should the Pelicans Pursue Smoove?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports


Stan Van Gundy has elected to waive struggling SF/PF Josh Smith to truly begin the rebuilding process in Detroit. Smith has three years and $40.5 Million left on his contract. His salary this season will count against the salary cap while the remaining two years, at $13.5 Million each, can be stretched over the following five years.

Before Smith signs another contract (and he will clear waivers) that means the Pistons will be on the hook for $5.4 Million a year through 2019-20. It is an impossibly huge amount of dead money to sit on the salary cap in NBA terms. Reasonably one has to conclude the Pistons brass thinks the salary cap skyrocketing up will cushion the impact significantly.

The Pelicans don't need an elite version of Al-Farouq Aminu who lacks the restraint to shoot where he should. The trio of Tyreke Evans, Luke Babbitt, and Dante Cunningham are making a passing grade so far at small forward. The relationship between Joe Dumars (who signed Smith to this horrendous contract) and Pelicans owner Tom Benson has already been brought up by some local media.




The Pels have held up admirably considering the early injury to Eric Gordon and schedule difficulty. Cunningham has brought a dose of toughness and effort the roster lacked since the departure of Anthony Morrow. The locker room has a good feel about it this season. Smith's addition could rock the boat significantly. Benson and GM Dell Demps need to keep thoughts of Smith in a Pelican uniform out of their mind entirely.


In case you needed more convincing.