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Luke Babbitt is doing some things from beyond the arc this season and Pelicans fans should start taking notice

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a list of the players that take at least s many three pointers per game as Luke Babbitt (2.6) and shoot a better percentage than our resident mop-head. Teams will definitely have to start incorporating Babbitt into their scouting reports more, which should only help open up the floor for everyone else.

Courtney Lee 2.9 3PA/gm 55.6%
Kyle Korver 5.3 3PA/gm 54.1%
Rasual Butler 3.7 3PA/gm 53.4%
James Jones 2.7 3PA/gm 50.0%
Luke Babbitt 2.6 3PA/gm 49.1%