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Ryan Anderson Step Back Society

Appreciating the gravity of Ryno's performance last night.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Anderson can shoot really well. One shot he has come to rely on more and more this season is the step back. Everyone privileged enough to hear Joel Meyers say "step back time" perks up at the sound. The Pelican bench lacks shot creators and Monty Williams has come to depend on Ryno creating his own shot inside the arc.

Corner threes are the crème de la crème of three point shots. Such shots largely are created by drives or ball movement leading to a stationary player receiving an opportunity in the corner. Kirk Goldsberry of Grantland noted this summer that over 95% of corner threes are assisted. The top five players in corner threes last season made no more two such shots without assistance.


All this back story is with a purpose. In the span of one minute and 21 seconds Ryan Anderson made two unassisted corner threes of exceeding difficulty. Combining his new found reliance on the step back with his reputation as a three point marksman in a virtuostic display of footwork and shooting skill.

Tristan Thompson has a 7'1.25" wingspan and 9'0.5" standing reach according to Draft Express. Ryan Anderson cares not and baptizes him.

That is a mismatch.

So far this season Anderson has been unable to consistently reach his previous levels of performance. A career 38% three point shooter, Ryno is hitting just 33.6% of attempts behind the arc even after his 8-14 explosion on Friday night. That number is somehow lower when attempting open threes according to NBA Stats, where he has made 32.6% (43-132). Last season, the first of SportVU data, Anderson canned 41.6% (64-154) of open attempts.

Anderson is shooting 41.9% behind the Pelican wings of the Smoothie King Center court this year. Thankfully, tonight's game is at home. The forecast is unseasonably warm and sunny with a chance of Flamethrower in the evening.