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SB Nation's Friday FanDuel Tournament

Come test your skills in the world of fantasy basketball!

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Today marks the 4th FanDuel tournament of the year for SB Nation's community. If you haven't heard about it yet, SB Nation readers, writers and editors compete alike to win cash prizes. Plus, if you're new, you can double your starting cash by using the promo code SBNPELICANS to get a 100% deposit bonus (up to $200).

This week's tournament will have the same parameters as last Friday: 110 entries, a five dollar entry fee and a $100 top prize. In addition, the top 20 finishers will walk away with some cash winnings.


Some Friendly Advice

Since I didn't lead too many people astray last week, we'll give this another shot.

1) Careful selecting the Sixers' guards tonight. Tony Wroten will be back so there will be no need to play Michael Carter Williams more than 40 minutes. Plus if the two PG's play together, PHI's wings like KJ McDaniels could take a sizable hit in the minutes and usage department.

2) When superstars sit, otherl teammates prosper. It appears Carmelo Anthony will be a no-go and LeBron James might sit as well. From the Knicks, Amare Stoudemire and/or Tim Hardaway look like good plays while one should expect Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love to shoulder the load in case James sits.

3) Opponents facing poor defensive teams can make for good picks and the three worst teams in terms of Defensive Efficiency (according to NylonCalculus) are playing tonight: Lakers, Jazz and Wolves. Consequently, picking players from the Spurs, Heat and Thunder could bring a nice return on investment. Though, remember that if the game gets out of hand early, stars will likely play a much smaller role in the game. Thus, it's good sometimes to pick a role player or two (say Marco Belinelli or Mario Chalmers).