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Kicking Eric Gordon to the Curb

Nearly all types of fantasy leagues should look elsewhere for help at shooting guard. It would appear even Marc Gasol wants him off the floor.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

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With Anthony Davis deservedly getting more touches in his third season and Tyreke Evans' move into the starting lineup, someone's statistical line was going to suffer. Eric Gordon's precipitous fall has been exacerbated by his ice cold start, but don't be fooled, his production will not return to levels similar to year's past, even if his shot does.

This season, Gordon's usage rate is sitting at 15.9%, and it would be silly to presume it will ever surpass 20% again on a largely healthy roster. As mentioned, Davis and Evans will be the clear focal points; however, Jrue Holiday and Ryan Anderson will also continue to get more touches than the embattled shooting guard. Lastly, Austin Rivers has proven in the early goings that he warrants as much playing time as possible.

In the past, much of Gordon's value stemmed from his ability to put the ball through the hoop. If he's not going to receive the shot attempts (he's at a woeful 9.3 Per 36 minutes), fantasy managers would be wise to move on. While Monty Williams will continue to give Gordon a much longer leash, you shouldn't.