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A New Era @TheBirdWrites

In case you haven't noticed, The Bird Writes has undergone a quiet transition period.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Give enough time, change is inevitable. For years, Rohan largely ran this site by himself. On a daily basis, he was putting up some of the best content seen, not only at SB Nation, but within the NBA blogosphere itself. All the while, he continued conversing with commentators and staying comfortably atop New Orleans basketball.

As the years passed, Rohan started needing a little help.  Although there were several contributors that came and went like Junsier and Man in the Arena, Brian Ball was the first voice that made a lasting impact that didn't belong to the man himself. Not long after, MrWayneKeller and Will H. joined the fray. Then in 2012, a group of us, David Starcer, nikkoewan and myself, arrived at your doorstep. A year later, a second David -- none other than Fish himself -- joined the party.

We have all made contributions, at one time or another; however, starting last season, much of the responsibility landed squarely on the shoulders of Fish and I. Although the site was still producing solid content, it was sparser than most of the other team sites here at SB Nation.

Hence, before the start of this season, a mutual decision was made by all those involved that I would replace Rohan as the site manager, and more importantly, David and I would procure the next wave of reinforcements. We issued a help bulletin and were happily surprised by the number of inquiries. So much so, we've already gone ahead and added five new writers in the past week. If you haven't already, please welcome them!

  • Matty Robinson
  • Zachary Junda
  • Jamile Dunn
  • Joseph Billiot
  • ccucchiara
To other prospective writers: by all means, continue to send us emails of interest or go ahead and make a fanpost or two. We will never turn away somebody who possesses a keen and passionate ability of writing about the New Orleans Pelicans.

Going forward, our mission is simple. We want to continue to strive to give fans of our beloved city the best basketball news, analysis and commentary around. In changing the hierarchy and giving the site a significant influx of new talent, David and I feel we've positioned The Bird Writes well to do just that.

So please, sit back, relax and hopefully enjoy -- the flock will be busier than ever writing for you.