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Bird Feed: The Unibrowed Pelican Rises (In the Power Rankings), Gordon Out

2-2 on a four game West Coast swing with two back-to-backs impresses the pundits.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation Power Rankings

Drew Garrison has New Orleans on the rise after finishing a difficult four game road trip 2-2; moving up from 14th last week to 10th.


Davis Double Block

And now Anthony Davis is blocking teams from playing on national TV:

[Davis] and the Pelicans will be on ESPN for a game against the Mavericks. The original schedule, set last summer well before the season began taking shape, featured the Knicks and Spurs in that spot. That's how good Davis has been: He bumped a game featuring the defending champs and a team from New York.

Yes, Paul Flannery's Sunday Shootaround centered on Davis is fantastic. Spoiler: Media executives are catching a case of Brow fever. Power Rankings

The Pelicans stay steady at 14th this week in John Schuhmann's poll.

Anthony Davis put up 43 and 14 on Saturday and is on pace to be the first player since 1991-92 (David Robinson) and the third player in NBA history (Hakeem Olajuwon did it four times) to average at least two steals and three blocks. But the Pelicans' defense hasn't been very good without Omer Asik, who's missed the last four games with a back issue.

ESPN Power Rankings

The "World Wide Leader" moves the Pelicans up two spots to 11th this week. Brow-Boogie 2 is on Marc Stein's radar.

Tuesday brings us a second Anthony Davis/DeMarcus Cousins duel in the space of a week to A) reunite the Team USA duo and B) convene two of the five best players in the league as we speak. Seriously: How do you choose between AD, Boogie and M. Gasol for West Player of the Month?

Sports Illustrated Power Rankings

SI is firmly onboard the Anthony Davis bandwagon. The Pelicans move up one spot to 12th this week.

Anthony Davis is averaging more points (26.3) than LeBron, James Harden or Carmelo Anthony. He's averaging more rebounds (11.4) than Dwight Howard, Kevin Love or Joakim Noah. And he's averaging more blocks than the Knicks, Heat and Grizzlies. Just to boot, he also leads the league in PER, Win Shares and VORP. Yes, at 21 years old, Anthony Davis is the best player in the NBA.

Yahoo! Power Rankings

Pelicans stand pat at lucky 13 in Marc Spears' latest power rankings.

Anthony Davis has averaged 30 points, 10.7 rebounds and 2.2 blocks the past four games, including 43 points against Utah.

Eric Gordon Out Indefinitely

As Oleh noted yesterday, this is the worst case scenario. Get well soon Eric.

Anthony Davis is Good

David Brown put together a pretty extensive piece on all the amazing stuff Davis is doing so far this season.

Pelicans Must Watch

New Orleans versus the Washington Wizards is SB Nation's Paul Flannery's must watch game on Saturday the 29th. That game will be on NBATV.

We can go on all day about Anthony Davis, but let's take a moment to try and make sense of the Wizards, who enter the week with a 9-3 record and are bolstered by the return of Bradley Beal. Without Beal, their offense has been sub-par, but thanks to a solid defense and one of the easiest schedules in the league, the Wizards won games they should win. That's an important step for a team trying to establish its place in the hierarchy, and Beal has been terrific since returning to the lineup. The Wizards are good, but they're not yet on the same level the Raptors have achieved.

It is also my birthday. I'd like a Pelicans win if that isn't too much to ask.