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Bird Feed: Pelicans Up in Power Rankings and Road Trips

Pelicans continue to climb the power ranking ladder. This week's schedule is a notable road block in that progress.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation Power Rankings

According to the Mothership the Pelicans move up from 16th last week to 14th. Anthony Davis is really good. Really good.

Anthony Davis is just incredible. Here's yet another way to illustrate it:
AD Amazing Power Rankings

The Pelicans rise to 14th from 16th last week. John Schuhmann has all four Southwest Division foes (Houston-2, Memphis-3, San Antonio-5, Dallas-6) in the top six. Toughest division in the NBA by far.

The Pelicans have climbed into the top five in offensive efficiency by scoring 117 points per 100 possessions over their last five games (facing terrible defenses in their last three). Ryan Anderson has been ready to launch, averaging more shots per minute (20.0 per 36) than Carmelo Anthony (19.8). He went 8-for-12 from 3-point range in Cleveland.

ESPN Power Rankings

Marc Stein moves New Orleans up to 13th from 15th last week. Phoenix and Miami were both left in the Pels wake.

You expect logic-defying stat lines from Mr. Davis by now. But what we saw when the Pels hosted the defenseless Timberwolves went beyond even Davis' checks-every-box brilliance; New Orleans is the first team in NBA history to shoot 65 percent from the field and drain 15 3s in the same game.

Yahoo! Power Rankings

Another power ranking, another lucky 13 (up from 16 last week). It has been a long time since the Pels were two games over .500.

New Orleans is two games over .500 for the first time since the franchise started 2-0 in 2011-12.

CBS Sports Power Rankings

11th this week, up one from 12th.

A solid mix of quality wins and losses, including a win over the Spurs (which looks less impressive right now than usual, which is odd). A tough loss to the Cavs in which they were right there until LeBron went LeBron. Huge game looming this week against the ... Kings? Where am I? Speaking of ...

Road Trippin'

The Pelicans begin a rather grueling road trip tonight in Portland. Over the next six days they will play four games: at Portland, at Sacramento on Tuesday (the Kings will be fresh), at Denver on Friday, and at Utah on Saturday (Utah is also on the back half of a back-to-back). Portland and Denver have rarely been easy places to play. The Sacramento Kings are 6-4, beat San Antonio on Saturday night, and will be well rested in front of a racous crowd on Tuesday. Utah is best described as frisky under new head coach Quin Snyder. As of today the Jazz are also 2-2 at home with wins over Phoenix and Cleveland while dropping two games to Houston and Dallas.

None of these games appear to be easy. Check out Jamile Dunn's look into the extended road trip here.

Fan Night Victors

My faith in NBA fans is (temporarily) restored. Don't worry though, All-Star Game voting will bring aforementioned faith crashing down to earth.