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Bird Feed: Saints Play for First Tonight, Charlotte Reclaims Hornets Nickname

And we still need you!

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Canal Street Chronicles

Are you a fan of both professional New Orleans teams? If so you should visit CSC for your Saints news and analysis.

Here is their informational post on the game tonight.

Here contributor Kevin Skiver explains both long completions on Sunday night. Gorgeously.

The Saints can take control of the NFC South with a win in Charlotte. Winning on the road, you may have noticed, is a difficult proposition lately. The game will be on WWL locally and NFL Network nationally.

Speaking of Charlotte

The re-christened Charlotte Hornets pulled off a stunning comeback last night to win in overtime against the Milwaukee Bucks. Their court and new uniforms are beautiful. I will still trade a nationally beloved nickname like the Hornets for Anthony Davis. Every. Time.

Dallas Plays Utah Tonight

Speaking of stolen nicknames, the Utah Jazz play Dallas tonight. The Mavericks will be hosting their home opener before again going on the road this weekend to visit the Crescent City. If football isn't your thing go ahead and do some advanced scouting for the Pelicans' next opponent. MavsMoneyBall has your preview.

Still Looking for Contributors at The Bird Writes

There is an opportunity here if you seize it. The best way to get started is to contact myself or Oleh. We have already received eight responses of interest and two FanPost "applications". If we do not have any examples of your writing it would really help your case to have a FanPost in the near future. Here are some example post ideas to get you started if you're on the fence.

1. Rotations. Tell us (Oleh, myself, and everyone who visits TBW) about what Monty has done in the preseason and the first game against Orlando. What did you like? What do you think was dictated by the specific match-up?

2. Ryan Anderson's barrage. Want to do an analysis of just a minute and a half of game time? Explain what you saw on each of the three consecutive three point makes to end the third quarter.

3. Cooking Video review. Give us a film critque of the introduction video shown during the television broadcast.

4. Arena Experience. At #TheBlender (yes, I am going to make this a thing come hell or high water) on Opening Night? What food did you try? What was your opinion of the new interior paint job, the court design, the player introductions, etc. Tell our (soon-to-be your readers!) about what going to a Pelicans game like live is all about.

There are any number of ways to approach this. Being "correct" is not a requirement. Look at me advocating selecting Jared Sullinger over Anthony Davis in my first FanPost in January 2012 for example!

We already have two FanPosts up. Check out DRDJ1's recap of the arena and the game, Nando8701's Ode to the Three, and Joseph Billot's Amoeba Theory if you have not already. Like someone's writing style or approach? Let's see some recommendations!