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Help Wanted: The Bird Writes Needs You!

Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans are taking flight. We need you to come help document it for posterity!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Bird Writes is currently looking to expand our staff of contributors. We are seeking for new voices to increase, not only the quantity and quality of content, but the variety of perspectives as the New Orleans Pelicans continue their ascension. If you want an avenue to express opinions or analyze Pelicans basketball, your opportunity is now here!


Rohan Cryuff established an excellent foundation here at The Bird Writes by providing solid New Orleans basketball coverage. This site is primed for explosive growth with a league pass darling of a team maturing into a playoff contender on the shoulders of the next NBA superstar. We need more coverage and opinions to properly document the new era in Crescent City Basketball. We need you!

Joining the staff at The Bird Writes will give you a prominent voice in the New Orleans Pelicans digital community. Contributors have access to a wide-reaching platform through TBW & SB Nation. The Bird Writes articles are frequently featured on the SB Nation NBA home page and Best of SB Nation NBA. Our content is even linked throughout the internet by Yahoo! Sports and Dime Magazine to name a few.

To be perfectly clear, these positions are unpaid. However, that has never hindered contributors here and around the SB Nation NBA community from turning these unpaid opportunities into paying gigs at other websites or even within NBA organizations themselves. We take all kinds: from aspiring future writers to simple yet passionate fans looking for an outlet.

Skills Desired

1. Passion for basketball, and in particular, the New Orleans Pelicans.

2. Ability to communicate in the English language at a reasonable level - complete sentences, etc.

3. Strong opinions on basketball and desire to communicate them to our readers.

4. Nose for supporting those opinions with facts and data - always source those statistics.

5. Thick skin to withstand other writers and readers who will disagree with your conclusions.

6. Adept and willing to use social media.

Opportunities Afforded

First and foremost, we need writers to expand our game coverage. Previews, Game Threads, and Recaps are the backbone of what we do here at The Bird Writes. Timely recaps is one area we are really attempting to focus our energies on here; posted within an hour or two (depending on article depth) of the end of the game to explain the result and give our readers an avenue to express their thoughts in the comments section.

Features and articles (including the 1,000+ word diatribes you often see here) are also desired. We want your in-depth analysis to provide a fresh set of eyes and opinions on the Pelicans. X's-and-O's, salary cap, the game day experience, heavy analytics, or the coverage by Fox Sports New Orleans are all fair game; as are the various social happenings. Follow Ryan Anderson on Instagram and want to discuss where his movie rankings could use improvement? Great, let's hear it!

Follow Through

The next step is to hear from you. Experience is not a requirement; rather, passion, pride in your work, and availability of some portion of your time are necessary. Your next action should be to contact us so we can discuss your aspirations and figure out a role for you on the TBW staff. Have some sample work ready for us to review or, even better, go write a FanPost on the site as your audition! We can both tell you from personal experience that a couple good FanPosts can get you a place on the Masthead quickly.

If you think you have something to offer The Bird Writes, then we need to talk. Please email Oleh at or you can reach out to one of us via Twitter. If you are an active member of our community, please include your user name as well so we know who you are. Don't worry about being the next Lee Jenkins; be honest with yourself about your talents and potential for contributing as we continue to grow here at The Bird Writes. We look forward to hearing from you.