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Bird Feed: Saturday Special!

Option decisions, why you should watch each NBA team, and an open practice this morning!

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

Pelicans Decline to Exercise Fourth Year Option on Austin Rivers

Picking up the option on Anthony Davis was a no-brainer. Rivers posed a more difficult question and Dell Demps and Company reportedly decided not to exercise the fourth year option. Rivers will be an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Two ways to look at this. One, Dell Demps failed with the 10th overall pick. This makes Demps an awful GM. Two, it is good that Demps is able to recognize that he failed with the 10th overall pick and cut his losses. Many people in positions of leadership cannot acknowledge their own failings, this is a sign Demps is a good GM.

Your mileage may vary with your choice.

Why You Should Watch Every NBA Team


When everyone agrees something is going to happen, it's usually a safe bet to go the other way. But when it comes to the general consensus that Anthony Davis is about to detonate the NBA, do you really want to be the only person that doesn't embrace the NBA's future overlord?

Davis is legitimately too talented to fail. He announced himself as a future star at Kentucky, turning the Wildcats into the best college team in recent memory. He's spent his first two years in New Orleans proving he's way more skilled offensively than some originally suspected. Now he's ready to take off and become one of the very best players in the league.

The first playoff appearance of his career is no certainty because the Western Conference is so tough. But when it comes to appreciating the league's greatest young talent, wins and losses aren't important. Davis will grow on both ends of the floor and is a lock to do a few things you've never seen before.

Go read the rest of them though. Some of the reasons are pretty hilarious.

Three is Greater Than Two

This concept is really starting to gain traction. In the NBA last year there were more above the break threes attempted than 16+ foot long twos. Monty Williams does not approve.

Victor Oladipo Out Indefinitely with Facial Fracture

Oladipo looked to be a focal point for the Magic opening the season against the Pelicans on Tuesday. Injuries are the absolute worst.

Open Practice This Morning

All the information you need is in that link.

Roster Set

Not at all surprising as the Pelicans cut the roster down to 15. Guessing by the rotation throughout the preseason that both rookies are likely to be on the inactive list as the season begins. It will be interesting to see if Jeff Withey or one of the small forward candidates join Patric Young and Russ Smith in street clothes on October 28th.