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Bird Feed: League Pass Rankings, NBA GM Survey

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Pelicans 12th in League Pass Rankings

Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe are at it again ranking every NBA team in terms of their league pass watchability. New Orleans comes in at number 12. Simmons launches into his predictable trade machine rant about picking Jrue Holiday and one year of Omer Asik over Nerlens Noel, Elfrid Payton, and a late 2015 lottery pick.

Let's be completely honest here. Payton and Noel instead of Holiday and Asik doesn't turn the 2015 pick into a late lottery pick. Instead it is a high lottery pick if rookies are replacing competent NBA talents. Potential isn't winning games this season or next season. Simmons would rather the Pelicans tank for two more seasons.

NBA GMs Disagree

Each season NBA GMs are surveyed on the landscape of the league. Unlike the writers you read around the internet the decision makers think highly of the Pelicans. Some highlights.

Anthony Davis ties Kevin Durant with 25% of the vote on who to begin a franchise with, both behind LeBron James who garnered 50% of the vote. Davis was also voted the player most likely to have a breakout season with 29.6% of the vote. Austin Rivers also received consideration in that category.

AD also was voted the 3rd best PF behind LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin. He was also voted the 5th best center. Davis received votes as the best defender and best interior defender. Asik did not, which is odd.

Omer Asik was voted the second-most underrated acquisition this summer behind Tyson Chandler. The Pelicans were voted the second most improved team, trailing just the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Numbers to Know

Nylon Calculus takes aim at Lakers coach Byron Scott. The Lakers have decided to stop taking threes, averaging just 8.4 threes ATTEMPTED per game in the preseason. Instead of increasing attempts at the basket this strategy has predictably led to a rise in inefficient mid-range shots.

Lottery Reform Fails

In a bit of a shocker lottery reform failed at the Board of Governors meeting today. What started as a backlash against Sam Hinkie's longterm plans (and a petty one at that) was expected to cruise to an easy victory. Instead nearly every team run by managers with San Antonio ties voted against the measure including New Orleans. Ideally the lottery will be of no concern in the foreseeable future for the Pelicans.