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Pelicans Outlast Celtics, 95-92

But in much more important news, Ryan Anderson suffered a scary cervical stinger.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Admittedly, I didn't watch the game, but upon hearing of Anderson's hasty departure to a local Boston hospital, I viewed most of the 4th quarter early this morning. Scary, considering Anderson's reaction indicated Gerald Wallace must have caught him perfectly in the wrong place of the anatomy.

Ryan Anderson COLLIDES' With Gerald Wallace BADLY | Pelicans vs Celtics | January 3, 2014 | NBA (via NBACalifornia)

From the game thread, BenDerDonDat dropped this post:

Major shout out to Monty

After the game, he said the first thing he thought about was how worried Ryan Anderson’s Mom must have been watching her son lie largely motionless on the court. Not how he felt, or the team felt, or the impact of the loss of Anderson on the team, but pure concern about the mental state of the Mom.

That is pure gold, and shows Monty’s character in spades. I truly hope Monty continues to make strides as a coach, because as a man, he is full-grown.

Good stuff and he couldn't be anymore correct. This goes without saying, but all of our thoughts and prayers are with Ryno. Get well soon! Not surprisingly, he has stayed behind in Boston as the team has left for Saturday's game in Indiana.

As far as the outcome of the game, at the time of the incident, the Pelicans were down 75-73 and no one would have faulted if the team had decided to roll over. But that's not our guys. Despite a whole lot of questionable basketball and a boatload of Celtic offensive rebounds, the Pels held on for the emotional win.

Go ahead and post your prayers for Ryan Anderson or any opinions you might have of the game. A quick glance at the boxscore tells me everyone in the backcourt not named Tyreke Evans were really quiet, Anderson was having a good performance up until the injury (maybe a bench role is best), Greg Stiemsma remembered how to play basketball, while Alexis Ajinca did not.