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Bird Feed: Eric Gordon to "Do More," and Other Tuesday Stories

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

We lead with a relatively interesting piece on Eric Gordon. Via the Global Leader in Sporting Infotainment:

"Individually, I think I can give more, do more," Gordon said after practice Monday, one day after his 14 points helped the Pelicans win for the third time in four games. "People here think I should be this big-time 20-point (per game) scorer. This is more of a team game here, this system here. It's a different adjustment. For me, now it's all about playing as many games as possible and getting my body back to being used to playing an 82-game season, because I haven't had that in almost two to three years now."

The Pelicans have declined to discuss whether they've discussed trade proposals involving Gordon, but Gordon has fielded numerous questions recently regarding speculation that New Orleans is looking to unload the remainder of his hefty contract. At this point, Gordon isn't really sure what to think, so he's trying not to dwell on what might happen by the Feb. 20 NBA trading deadline.

"It would be great to have that security to know if you're going to be here or not," Gordon said. "At the end of the day, I can't worry about that. All I can do is worry about trying to win."

John Reid writes about Brian Roberts' time as starter in Jrue Holiday's absence:

``I feel more confident right now than I have all year,'' Roberts said. ``Just knowing what's asked of me and knowing where I can pick and chose my spots, so I'm just trying to keep it going.''

And it looks like Anderson Varejao may or may not play tonight in New Orleans' matchup with Cleveland.