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Eric Gordon Dangling on the Block

Time for good-bye hugs?

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned in the previous post, it is believed Eric Gordon is on the block and has been for sometime. More from Sean Deveney of the Sporting News:

The problem with dealing Gordon is that the Pelicans are unlikely to get fair value. In his first two seasons with New Orleans, he played just 51 of 148 possible games, dealing with a variety of injuries. Around the league, the belief was that Gordon was bitter with New Orleans management for having matched the offer from Phoenix.

Gordon has been healthy this year, and is averaging 15.6 points on 43.9 percent shooting, making 38.5 percent of his 3-pointers. But that production doesn’t match up with his contract, which calls for Gordon to make more than $14 million this year and $30 million over the next two years (he has a player option on the final year of the deal).

"He has been healthy and he has played better," one league executive told Sporting News. "But he is a still a long way from living up to what you have to pay him. His contract is still the big reason they are not able to do anything with him at this point."

Pretty much agree with all of this and it's not surprising the Pelicans have continued to explore deals involving the oft-disgruntled shooting guard. Back in July, I surmised Dell Demps was going to actively continue to seek a new home for Gordon:

Does Dell Demps truly believe the path to winning a championship revolves around a back-court of Jrue, EG and Reke? Highly improbable. Our current roster construction, Gordon's checkered past and high propensity for injury and, our now limited cap flexibility, demand Eric Gordon be moved in the near future.

However, don't expect the Pelicans to continue yelling this from all rooftops. The company line must currently be all about preserving Gordon's value. It's already going to be quite a task in accomplishing the endgame -- Demps will be forced to rely on Eric Gordon remaining healthy.

Will it be impossible to move Eric Gordon? No. There have been much more toxic contracts that have been exchanged between teams; however, it isn't to say it will be easy. Though, one thing in New Orleans favor now is Demps won't be pressed to make a fair deal. Imagine the uproar if the Pelicans were legitimately in the playoff race and he sold Gordon for 2 cents on the dollar?

Thanks to the injuries to Ryan Anderson and Jrue Holiday, that scenario has gone by the wayside. With so many injuries currently hitting the NBA, there will be teams looking for help. Teams that didn't expect to be hopefuls are now in the midst of playoff races. For instance, the Detroit Pistons would be ecstatic to add a shooter. Perhaps the Charlotte Bobcats too. Someone will bite. The only question is how low will Dell Demps have to go?