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Eric Gordon Looks to Be 100% for Camp and Other Monday Stories


- Eric Gordon's targeting a return to full health ahead of Pelicans training camp. Given how many false starts and stalled comebacks we've seen in the past year and change, it's unclear whether this proclamation should carry any additional weight, Jrue Holiday's and Tyreke Evan's newly announced presence notwithstanding.

- WDSU wonders whether the Pelicans' rebirth, well timed with the new mascot, colors, and franchise direction, has come to soon.

- Former Hornet Terrel Harris, a component of the Sacramento trade that brought Tyreke Evans to New Orleans, has been suspended for five games for violating terms of the NBA's anti-drug program.

- Anthony Davis and Darius Miller are scheduled to take part in a pre-season exhibition game at Rupp Arena.