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Welcome to The Bird Writes!

CC || goingslo

Hey! Hi.

Welcome to The Bird Writes.

A pun was always going to win out obviously, and in the end, I'm rather ecstatic it was this inimitable specimen (finishing in a very close second: FOWLED OUT!). Our daily dinosaur links will make minimally more sense now. Flapping Mbenga takes on new meaning entirely. And you'll get used to the The very soon. I promise.

Aside from the name, the colors, and snazzy Monsieur Pelican up there on the left, the new site will be largely what you're used to -- the same writers, the same archive of stories, the same coverage of New Orleans basketball. You may want to update your bookmarks if you're into that sort of thing or give us a follow at our new Twitter digs, @thebirdwrites.

As New Orleans' former self-proclaimed fourth most popular folk-parody Hornets blog, we strive to achieve nothing less in the Pelican era.

Love you guys. Welcome home.