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Overhead, the Pelican

CC || Bertknot

It's an historic day, one that requires the use of that extraneous 'n,' for this is the end, and why not.

It is an unpunctual day since the names have been swapped, the colors refreshed, the symbols all changed for some time now.

But here, in all glory or not, it is -- the last day of At the Hive, five years, three months, and a week on from the beginning, six years, four months, and a week on from the beginning. Come tomorrow, it will all be new and different, about the same team, sure, conversing with the same people, yes, but At the Hive, from its humble origins to its, eh, approximately equally humble present, will be no more.

I can do no better than to thank each and every one of you that has read the site once or a thousand times, contributed commentary or jeers or mid-game exercises in visionary profanity, and made writing this blog so truly delightful over the seasons.

It means the world.