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Anthony Morrow Agrees to 2-Year Deal with the Pelicans


First announced by Marc Spears, it appears the Pelicans are about to add the prolific shooter so many fans have been clamoring for since the Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday deals:

Mavs free agent guard Anthony Morrow close to accepting deal with Pelicans, source tells Y! Sports

It appears the Pelicans have enough trust in him to offer him a multi-year deal too:

Morrow's deal with Pelicans expected to be two years.

Anthony Morrow is perhaps best known for lighting the world on fire in the 2009 Summer League. In 3 games, he averaged 24.7 points on a ridiculous 61 FG%. In case you missed it, below you can view the highlights of his 47 point performance:

After this, one could say it's been all downhill: as a Warrior, he shot the ball at a fantastic clip, the New Jersey Nets attempted to make him a full-time starter and, this past season, he was viewed as an irrelevant piece for both the Hawks and Mavericks.

Hopefully, the Hornets aren't expecting much more than a reliable floor spacer. Morrow's handle has never been adequate and his stature has led to many defensive shortcomings. Guess this means Roger Mason will undoubtedly be looking for employment outside of New Orleans.


Per Marc Spears:

Anthony Morrow has agreed to two-year deal with the Pelicans at the veteran's minimum with a player's option in 2nd season, source tells Y!

Welcome Anthony Morrow!