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Tuesday News and Notes from Around the League

Stacy Revere

  • Average fans, and that includes a number of columnists, continue to remain supportive of the moves made by New Orleans management this summer. New Orleans Pelicans: New Players, New Team Name, New Mission is another nice spin that claims our future is bright.
  • The Pelican's held their first Summer League practice yesterday and Eric Snow was in attendance, assisting the coaching staff. I'm not aware of any special relationship he might have with Jrue Holiday, but the timing of the former 76er is certainly interesting.
  • The 6-foot-10-inch question mark is worth a read. It's a nice inside look at Nerlens Noel's injury, rehabilitation and, best of all, his special relationship with his mother.
  • Yesterday, our old friend, Chris Kaman, signed a 1-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. With Mike D'Antoni still in town though, he'll probably largely back up Pau Gasol at center. Right? If coach wasn't willing to give consistent run to both Dwight Howard and Gasol, no way should Kaman change his mind.
  • Later today, an in-depth look at our 2013 Summer League roster.
  • UPDATE: According to Dei Lynam, the Pelicans could have made the Jrue Holiday trade with the Sixers with several other players:
And one NBA front-office source shared a tidbit about the Sixers and draft night. The deal with New Orleans was in place days before the draft rolled around.

Three names supposedly would have supposedly gotten the deal done: Anthony Bennett, Victor Oladipo and Nerlens Noel. Bennett went first to the Cavaliers. Oladipo was selected second by Orlando, and fortunately for the Sixers, Noel was still on the board when the Pelicans picked at No. 6.