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Who's On the Team?


We've talked plenty about the remaining free agent targets still on the board, but a quick diversion: who's currently on the team, who's guaranteed, and who's not?

This depth chart's just a guess obviously, and since positions basically don't exist any more with this team, take it just as an approximately accurate visual way of seeing what New Orleans has. Bold players are guaranteed for 2013-2014, regular weight partially guaranteed, and italicized are unsigned/non-guaranteed.

Jrue Holiday Eric Gordon Al-Farouq Aminu Anthony Davis Jason Smith
Brian Roberts Tyreke Evans Darius Miller Ryan Anderson Jeff Withey
Pierre Jackson Austin Rivers Lance Thomas

Brian Roberts went from fully unguaranteed yesterday to partially guaranteed ($50K for the season) today. He becomes fully guaranteed on July 20. Darius Miller becomes fully guaranteed on July 27, and Lance Thomas on September 1. Meanwhile, no terms of deals have been released yet for second round draft picks Pierre Thomas and Jeff Withey.

If Roberts, Jackson, Miller, Thomas, and Withey all progress to guaranteed deals, that'd put the roster size at 13. The Times-Pic's John Reid claims here that New Orleans won't keep all three of rivers, Roberts, and Jackson, though I'm not sure how much stock to put into that. Reid's notion that Roberts would need to have a good summer league to keep his job after having a very productive 78 game NBA rookie regular season strikes me as particularly bizarre.