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2013 U.S. Men's National Team Blue vs. White Scrimmage Gamethread

Featuring Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson and Jrue Holiday!

David Becker

At 8:00 pm central, NBAtv will air live the USA basketball scrimmage. Per Jim Eichenhofer:

Subject to change but Anthony Davis on blue team; Jrue Holiday+Ryan Anderson white team.

Reportedly, Davis has been one of the most impressive players in camp, flashing a consistent outside jumper and stellar defense. Even the usually tight-lipped Mike Krzyzewski, couldn't refrain from saying:

"The very first thing [I noticed about the big men in camp] is how much Anthony Davis has developed," Krzyzewski said. "One of the reasons he was on the Olympic team was because we look and see he’s a guy who is going to get a lot better and hopefully be on a number of teams. His defense in yesterday’s practice was outstanding."

In addition, Davis sounds quite excited about playing alongside Holiday next season:

Davis, who just turned 20, sounded downright giddy when asked to discuss Holiday, replying "Who?" after hearing "Jrue" multiple times, clearly amusing himself with his Dr. Seuss-esque rhyming abilities.

"He’s one of the smoothest players I’ve seen," Davis said. "Nothing bothers him, nothing worries him. He goes out there and does what he has to do to win. That’s excellent. … He’s an exceptional player. He can definitely come off the pick and roll pretty well. He can score the ball. A leader. He wants to come right in and get involved."

A new moniker, a new roster and now an upbeat and, more importantly, improved franchise player? It's definitely the dawn of a new era in New Orleans, one that promises more hope than we've likely seen since Chris Paul and crew almost pushed their way into the Western Conference Finals 6 years ago.

So tune in tonight and catch a glimpse of what the near future holds. Geaux Pels (or as Zach Lowe prefers - Pellies)!