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Oui Oui Pierre!

Pierre Jackson is headed to France to play professional basketball.


Per Sportando:

Pierre Jackson will sign with ASVEL Villeurbanne for the coming season. The rookie was close to moving to Italy in Brindisi but the French team entered in the negotiations and agreed with the player.

Somewhat surprising news, but this could end up being a good move in the long run. One, Jackson won't take up a roster spot this upcoming season, and admittedly, it's a good thing considering New Orleans dearth of guards. Two, he'll likely benefit more playing for one of the better teams in Europe, rather than garnering experience in the D-League. Three, the Pelicans are now proud owners of their very own Euro-stash. They get to hold onto his rights, without having to sign him to NBA contract.

For those unaware, ASVEL plays in the top French league and is rich in history. The powerhouse has won 17 championships since 1949 and is currently partially-owned by Tony Parker. During the 2011 NBA lockout, Parker smartly signed himself to a small contract and played for ASVEL.

As long as Jackson avoids the croissants, unlike Boris Diaw, this could be a win-win situation for him and our organization.