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Pelicans To Meet With Greg Oden

Jonathan Daniel

Via Marc Stein at the Worldwide Leader:

Free-agent center Greg Oden will be in Las Vegas this week for face-to-face meetings with officials from the Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans, according to sources with knowledge of Oden's plans.

The sitdown with Mavericks officials, sources said, is scheduled for later Monday, as Dallas pushes to join the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat at the forefront of the race to resurrect the career of 2007's No. 1 overall pick.

I think that given a choice, I'd probably take Greg Oden (repeated, horrible knee injuries) over Andrew Bynum (chronic arthritis). Of course the distance since Oden's last game though makes it exceedingly unlikely he gets something in the range of Bynum's Cavaliers deal.

Overall, even if nothing comes of this, I'm ecstatic New Orleans is in the chase at all. Healthy, Oden's an absolute rebounding and defensive monster, and there's basically no risk here if they can sell Oden on the team. Excellent work by the front office to get a face-to-face with him in Vegas this week; Matt brought up the idea of Oden the Pelican last week, and the more I think about it, the more delicious it sounds.

Also, it would give us more comments like this one from under the ESPN story probably:

THis crap is all rigged!!! Ever since benson bought out the hornets/pelicans all sudden the whole world is being signed and traded over to. Give and take few years and watch them win a ring.!!! Take the saints for example who have never won the chip but with benson they do.. Watch and see

Ahahahaha. The crap is rigged y'all.