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Monday Discussion: Lance Thomas and Jon Brockman

Chris Chambers

Brian and I were discussing yesterday a potential trade-off New Orleans will have to make as summer league comes to a close next week and training camp invites are eventually sent out -- does it make more sense to bring back forward Lance Thomas next season or move on to a new player like Jon Brockman?

Thomas' advantages are obvious; he knows the system, he can defend three positions (while playing against backups, anyway), he's reasonably efficient on very low usage (115 offensive efficiency), and his Twitter feed uses "#Blessed" so many times, so unironically that it's rather endearing.

Brockman, meanwhile, brings similar low usage, high efficiency (116), is a far better defensive rebounder (19.4% vs 13.8%), is legitimately one of the best offensive rebounders in the league when he gets playing time (15.2% vs 8.7% for Thomas), and does incredible things with balls:

Your thoughts?