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Summer League Game 1 Preview: Knicks vs. Pelicans

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

The Pelicans play this afternoon in the kickoff game of the Las Vegas Summer League against New York at 3pm CT. If you want to catch the game, you'll need to find a way to tune into NBATV early on a Friday afternoon.

For a full preview of the roster - who's who and who to watch for - check out Oleh's outstanding analysis of the Pelicans' 2013 Summer League roster. And from the excellent Seth at Posting and Toasting, here's the Knicks' summer league roster with Seth's notes.

In addition, per John Reid, Jeff Withey isn't expected to be cleared to play for this afternoon's game, so the SummerPelicans will be without their defensive stopper in the post.

If I were to wildly guess a starting five for the Pelicans, it would be:

PG - Brian Roberts
SG - Austin Rivers
SF - Darius Miller
PF - Lance Thomas Thanks to Yostin's comment below, I realized that we did indeed waive Lance Thomas, so he won't be playing in Summer League until he clears waivers. NOLA reports that we don't really know when that will be, but it's something to keep an eye on. In the meantime, I seriously have no idea who we'll be throwing out on the court in the post positions - it's anybody's guess.
Really short C - Jon Brockman

Summer League teams tend to go with some really small lineups, and this would indeed by a tiny lineup, with 6'7" Brockman manning the paint. Maybe with Withey out, 7'2" Mindaugas Kupsas will get some extended minutes this afternoon.

Some notes on the Knicks roster:

1) This will be the first time we get to see 24th overall pick Tim Hardaway Jr. suit up - the stats folks didn't think too highly of his collegiate career, but he definitely has athleticism.

2) Iman Shumpert will be the other starting guard, I suspect, making the SummerKnicks backcourt very large (especially considering that the SummerPelicans will be bringing pint-sized Pierre Jackson off the bench, probably).

3) I'm frankly too lazy to look this up, but I'm pretty sure Eloy Vargas was on Kentucky at the same time as Anthony Davis. Hopefully we'll get to see him a little, because I always thought he was a pretty decent big man for the Wildcats.

4) I haven't even the foggiest notion what the starting lineup for the Knicks will be.

Remember, everybody: this year, it counts!