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Pelicans Sign Greg Stiemsma, Waive Lance Thomas


Surprise, surprise. Dealer Demps has made another couple of moves this morning. First, Jimmy Smith announced the Pelicans were waiving Lance Thomas:

have waived Lance Thomas. Story to come on .

Soon after, multiple outlets, including Ken Berger, announced the Pelicans were signing Greg Stiemsma to a 1-year deal worth 2.7 million dollars:

Stiemsma's deal with New Orleans is for one year at $2.7 million, league source says. Pelicans quietly building an interesting squad.

So, one day after acquiring a deep wing threat in Anthony Morrow, Dell Demps filled our other biggest need, by nabbing a shot-blocking center. Granted, Stiemsma doesn't fit our core (will be 28) nor was he brought in to completely replace Robin Lopez's departure, but that wasn't the mission. With their remaining cap space, the Pelicans were limited to finding a good stopgap, one with good size who could help protect the paint for the upcoming season.

Although losing Lance Thomas is somewhat sad -- he represented the team well with outstanding work ethic and dedication, adding a necessary piece, to a team readying itself to make the playoffs, was of greater importance.