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Report: Pelicans offer Tyreke Evans 4 years, $44 Million

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Per David Aldridge, the Pelicans have extended an offer sheet to Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans:

If so, that means that somebody is about to be traded or somebody is about to be cut - the question is who. Naturally, all eyes are on Robin Lopez and Eric Gordon. For more on how the Pelicans would have to contort the roster to be able to sign Tyreke, look at usnfish's excellent post on the technical details of signing Evans.

Further complicating matters is the rumor that Evans might be brought in to come off the bench - $11M per year for a bench player is a pretty steep price in New Orleans. I think that rumor doesn't make much sense - either he's willing to play small forward, or some kind of a deal is in place to move Eric Gordon.