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Pelicans Draft: What's the Plan?

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More from WDSU's Chris Miles:

I'm really not sure if Miles is paraphrasing what he's heard from sources about the front office's thoughts. Miles goes on to claim that Saric will come to the United States if the Pelicans select him, contradicting his interview yesterday. (The idea that Burke doesn't project to be a better shooter than Greivis Vasquez is amusing).

The "Saric #1 on the board" comment is also a bit startling and perhaps lends more credence to the (horrifying) idea that Dell Demps would actually draft him with the 6th overall pick. That Saric essentially commands his own personal tier, if Miles' reporting is accurate, strikes me as bizarre.

If we don't take the Saric comment as literally, Miles appears to be saying that New Orleans is prioritizing its need positions as (1) SF, (2) PG, (3) C, which is perfectly reasonable.