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At the Hive Approval Ratings: Xavier Henry

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Stephen Dunn

Xavier Henry seems a plausible candidate to have played his last game for New Orleans, two years after joining from Memphis.

Positives: Frequently reached the free throw line (5.3 FTA/36) and was very often New Orleans' most aggressive offensive player on the floor, maintained a strong defensive rebound rate (13.4%) for his position, improved his true shooting percentage to a better but still horrible 48%

Negatives: Lost on the floor on both offense and defense, drives out of control, too small of a sample size to assess pro shooting ability (28 threes over two years), poor shot selection

My Grade: 2, Explanation: I've been one of the most ardent Henry supporters here, and I still think the trade acquiring him in 2011 was a good one (as much as it'll sting to not have a second round selection next month). With injuries across the roster, Henry had his shot to make a real impact in his third year as a pro (and without a guaranteed deal for next season). While he flashed ability at times again, Henry didn't show huge improvement from 2012.