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David West A Game From the NBA Finals, and Other Monday Stories

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Ronald Martinez

Happy Monday!

- Our old pal David West is one game away from the NBA Finals, a game that'll take place tonight at 7 PM CST. Check out Indy Cornrows for your Pacers coverage.

- Members of the Pelicans' front office and staff helped kick off Oyster Fest 2013 last Thursday.

- Some happy news: John Reid reports that the Pelicans have interest in Michigan point guard Trey Bruke at hte 6th pick. The money quote:

Demps has not ruled out the possibility the Pelicans could trade the pick to move up or down, obtain multiple picks or acquire more veterans to improve their roster. Sources say the Pelicans like Burke because he has the potential to get them in their offensive sets quicker and he could provide more versatility in their backcourt that could include starting point guard Greivis Vasquez playing off the ball.