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The At the Hive 2013 NBA Draft Big Board

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Welcome to the last At the Hive Draft Big Board ever!

Here's the culmination of all our draft coverage from the last two weeks, the articles we wrote, the rumors we sneered at, the polls you voted in/I rigged. As ever, it's a weighted average of the community poll results and the individual boards of our staff writers.


Rohan Brian Oleh Nico usnfish Joe David S Community
1 Nerlens Noel Nerlens Noel Otto Porter Nerlens Noel Ben McLemore Nerlens Noel Otto Porter Nerlens Noel
2 Trey Burke Trey Burke Trey Burke Victor Oladipo Otto Porter Victor Oladipo Nerlens Noel Ben McLemore
3 Victor Oladipo Otto Porter Victor Oladipo Otto Porter Victor Oladipo Otto Porter Victor Oladipo Otto Porter
4 Otto Porter Victor Oladipo Nerlens Noel Ben McLemore Trey Burke Trey Burke Trey Burke Victor Oladipo
5 K. Caldwell-Pope K. Caldwell-Pope Ben McLemore Trey Burke Nerlens Noel Ben McLemore Anthony Bennett Trey Burke
6 Anthony Bennett Alex Len Alex Len K. Caldwell-Pope C.J. McCollum Alex Len M. Carter-Williams Alex Len
7 Alex Len C.J. McCollum K. Caldwell-Pope Alex Len Alex Len Anthony Bennett Alex Len C.J. McCollum
8 C.J. McCollum Cody Zeller C.J. McCollum Cody Zeller Cody Zeller C.J. McCollum Ben McLemore Cody Zeller
9 Ben McLemore Anthony Bennett Anthony Bennett C.J. McCollum K. Caldwell-Pope Shabazz Muhammad Sergey Karasev Anthony Bennett
10 Cody Zeller Ben McLemore Sergey Karasev Giannis Adetokunbo M. Carter-Williams K. Caldwell-Pope Gorgui Dieng K. Caldwell-Pope


1. Nerlens Noel (1.8)

Oleh: "Was tempted to have him even lower. He's around 206 pounds and already has had his knee surgically repaired. If Anthony Davis is going to have a difficult time at center, how can this kid?

usnfish: "His ceiling is something like Mutumbo. His floor is frightening though. A lot of "ifs" between where Noel is now and a Davis-Noel front court being effective.

Joe: "While Noel's role may partly overlap with that of Anthony Davis, I, unlike many of the thousands of other self-proclaimed draft analysts, think that he is the best prospect in the draft by a significant margin. I love Noel's potential as a defender. I think he will be a devastating pick and roll defender and a very impactful help defender. As for Noel's perceived issues in the post, I would not hesitate to let an opposing offense attempt to score at a high efficiency rate in isolation post ups. As we saw with the Indiana Pacers in the 2011-2012 season, many NBA offenses struggle to generate quality post ups even when they have a clear size advantage in the post. Noel also surrendered fewer points per play in the post than Alex Len, per Synergy.

2. Otto Porter (2.2)

usnfish: "There is too much Paul George or Kawhi Leonard is this guy. Would you rather overdraft a player because of what mock drafter tell you is his ceiling, or be the Timberwolves selecting Wesley Johnson six slots ahead of Paul George?"

Joe: "If Eric Gordon is able to stay healthy (about as likely as me getting drafted next season-I'm banking on an Anthony Davis increase in my height, skills, and athleticism) I think could very effectively fill the small forward position for the Pelicans. While he shot a decent percentage, I do not trust that his release is quick enough to be effective in the NBA, however I think he will be able to improve in that regard. Though not an optimal primary creator, I think that Porter can be very good attacking off secondary actions-once creators like Gordon have the defense off balance. Though considered a "safe" pick, I think that Porter actually has considerable upside."

Oleh: "Not likely to be a team's best player, but he can still be a multiple All-Star. Does everything well, and his purpoted lack of athleticism, won't remotely be an issue once his frame fills out."

3. Victor Oladipo (2.6)

Brian: I can't get a good read on this guy - every statistical system seems to have a vastly different projection for him. I think an excellent 3 and D guy would be a fine pick at number 6.

Joe: "Though only 6'4'', I think Oladipo, given his 6'9'' wingspan, will be able to play small forward effectively in the short term, and is an excellent replacement for Eric Gordon, should the Pelicans choose that route. An Anthony Davis-Victor Oladipo pairing would give the Hornets a top-flight defender both inside and on the" perimeter.

usnfish: "I've heard it on nearly every draft podcast I've listened to, "Oladipo will not fail." He might not be amazing, his shooting numbers are inflated in the out-of-conference schedule, and he isn't going to necessarily be a superstar. But, whatever Oladipo's ceiling is, he is the most likely to reach it."

Oleh: "Defensive wunderkind but as I stated in BKAP, still worried about his offensive game developing enough in the NBA."

4. Trey Burke (3.1)

Rohan: "That he hasn't gotten more buzz after a dominant statistical season, taking his team to the national title game, and sweeping player of the year awards is bizarre, but I can't complain if he's there at 6 as a result."

usnfish: "Did you know people still refer to him as "small" or a "six foot" point guard? Latching onto predetermined notions of a player is a bad way to approach the draft. The idea that he got all this publicity due to the tournament is equally absurd. He did win the Player of the Year award for both his conference and the nation."

Oleh: "Burke is my most likely to become a game-changer from this draft class. His handles, scoring ability and tenacity are top-notch."

Brian: I've never seen a college point guard maneuver himself through the lane like Burke does. He's a maestro of the pick and roll, a deadly shooter from range, and although he seems to always be dribbling by the seat of his pants, he very rarely turns the ball over. Imagining him running pick and rolls with Davis is mouth-watering.

5. Ben McLeMore (4.9)

Rohan: "Outside of his stroke, McLemore doesn't generate his own shot, doesn't get to the line, and turns the ball over. To me, he's almost as much of a scouting/"eye test" pick as Alex Len."

usnfish: "The knock on McLemore is that he will not be successful if he is "the guy" where he is drafted. Unfortunately for Charlotte and Phoenix that is what their fans expect. Luckily for New Orleans, "the guy" was the first overall pick last year. His position at the top of my board reflects that reality."

Joe: "Even if he does not reach the NBA, McLemore will always have a valuable role in the NBA. He is a poor dribbler, a skill often difficult to improve, but has the athleticism to be very good. I though he was a good passer in some situations in college, namely in the pick and roll when he had set options to decide between, but was not a creative passer in the way many of the current "elite" passers are."

6. Alex Len (6.8)

usnfish: "I am terrified of Len. The stress fracture, the limited performances throughout the season, the lack of rebounding are all red flags."

Joe: "I like Len's potential defensively. If reached, he and Davis could form a fearsome frontline. However, he is not as mobile as a I would prefer a top level big man prospect to be."

Brian: " Len's rise has really baffled me. Without being able to work out, he's moved up the draft boards consistently and has even been rumored to go #1 overall. I don't understand what new information teams have gleaned over the course of the past few months to make him go higher."

7. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (7.0)

Oleh: "Love him. How great would it have been had a player of his caliber been available a year ago at #10?"

Rohan: "One of my favorites in this draft -- shoots, creates, rebounds, defends. I'd take him over McLemore."

8. C.J. McCollum (7.1)

usnfish: "If the Pelicans could get fair value for Eric Gordon I would have McCollum much higher on the board. I think he will be a more effective Gary Neal in the league at worst. I do not believe he will become an effective facilitator though, which limits his value."

Rohan: "His floor feels like bench scorer to me, but my biggest issue is that his ceiling seems more very good bench scorer/combo starter depending on the team rather than good point guard. Not that combo guards aren't valuable because they are, but I'd much rather pair a great P&R point guard with Anthony Davis (which McCollum isn't and Trey Burke definitely is).

9. Anthony Bennett (7.4)

Rohan: "I've gone from hating Bennett for his lack of defensive effort to becoming more and more of a fan of his varied offensive game while still hating him for his lack of defensive effort. I still don't think he'll ever be able to guard 3s, but players that can both shoot and rebound at the levels he does are rare. And both those things translate well from college to the pros."

Brian: "I really can't imagine that Monty and Dell are enamored of Bennett. He seems to have everything they don't like to see in players - a lack of focus and intensity on defense, a failure to hustle, and loads of offensive talent."

10. Cody Zeller (8.3)

Nobody had anything to say about the most recent iteration of the Zeller clan :/


And so there you have it. One of the neat things about creating the board is that it automatically tiers itself; if we look at how the votes were clustered above and define a tier as a player having at least 1.0 spots of separation from the guy ahead of him, we essentially have four tiers for the top 10 today, with the fifth and sixth consisting of the borderline players receiving votes on the Small Boards that didn't make the Big Board.


Nerlens Noel, Otto Porter, Victor Oladipo, Trey Burke


Ben McLemore


Alex Len, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, C.J. McCollum, Anthony Bennett


Cody Zeller


Michael Carter-Williams, Sergey Karasev


Gorgui Dieng, Giannis Adetokunbo