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Rumor: Pelicans Offered #1 Pick for #6, Vasquez, 2014 1st Rounder

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Oh, The Draft, you are ridiculous.


File this under "hahahaha what" and then drink a gallon of salt since it's from HoopsWorld:

The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to explore their trade options with the No. 1 overall pick, according to sources close to the situation. Cleveland has been very aggressive in their attempt to move the top pick and discussed plenty of scenarios.

The Cavaliers have had negotiations with a number of teams, including the New Orleans Pelicans.
Cleveland offered New Orleans this year's top overall pick in exchange for point guard Greivis Vasquez, the No. 6 overall pick and a 2014 first-round pick, according to sources.

The Cavaliers, like most teams, would love to acquire an additional first-round pick for the 2014 NBA Draft since that draft class is expected to be one of the most talented in recent memory.

No word on whether New Orleans has expressed interest in such a deal.

There have been rumors connecting Cleveland to literally every NBA team and a couple of WNBA ones too, so I wouldn't recommend growing out that flat-top just yet.

Update: Sam Amico refutes via Twitter:

It's worth noting that I trust Amico even less than I trust the original rumor source, so it's the blind leading the blind, being mocked by the even more blind but at least cognizant of such (us). Bottom line is ignore, ignore. continue construction of Trey Burke shrine, ignore.