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Dell Demps's Interview Questions, and Other Wednesday Stories

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Let's hit the links:

  • Art Garcia at FSSW reports that nobody has any clue what Dell Demps is going to do in the draft. Apparently, there are rumors that the Pelicans have contacted Cleveland about the first pick, but it looks like Demps could either trade up, down, or for more picks.
  • The Advocate reports roughly the same thing. Money quote from Demps: "This is a draft where you have a number of guys who are ready to play right now, and there are a number of guys who will help you a couple of years from now. That's the big question: Are you going to get a guy who can help you right now or take a little longer?"
  • Jimmy Smith says that the Pelicans met with Ben McLemore in New Orleans. A few weeks ago, this would have been unthinkable, but with McLemore failing to impress in workouts, it's possible that he could slide all the way to the sixth spot. In addition, Demps travelled to Las Vegas to visit with Victor Oladipo and Anthony Bennett - this is his second meeting with Oladipo, after watching him work out in a Washington, DC high school.
  • In a Q&A with FSSW, Demps talks about the interview process:

Sometimes we'll put video of us on and our plays and sets and say "Hey, what do you see here? Or what do you think about this?" Sometimes you interview guys and they can tell you everything about the team. There was one player that we interviewed that I think went on Wikipedia. He was telling us all about the Pelicans and the Hornets and how the team went to Oklahoma City and came from Charlotte, it was pretty fun.