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Doc Rivers is a Clipper, and Other Monday Stories

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"Later Kevin. Ubuntu lol."
"Later Kevin. Ubuntu lol."

Well, well, well. It appears Doctor Rivers has rather seamlessly transitioned from basketball spinning leprechaun to swift-moving open-sea boat, having been acquired by Donald Sterling and Co. yesterday. In related news, Ray Allen seemingly escaped just in time from the city of Boston, now mere steps away from having a full-on fire... sale.

With Rivers' arrival in Los Angeles, former Hornet Chris Paul is now expected not to test free agency, leaving Dwight Howard to cut a rather solitary figure in his L.A. disgruntlement.

On the Pelicans front, it's becoming more and more likely that Indiana shooting guard Victor Oladipo could be available at the #6 slot, something that seemed rather improbable as recently as a week ago. Dell Demps was in Washington D.C. to watch Oladipo on Friday.

John Reid wrote about Otto Porter and his background yesterday though Porter slipping to #6 still looks unlikely.

There's been a random Shawn Marion and the 13th pick trade rumor involving the Pelicans floating around, though the point of origin appears to be Fletcher Mackel without any further corroboration. I wouldn't hate the move because (a) it'd give the team another lotto rookie, (b) it'd handcuff Dell Demps from making any ill-advised long term additions from a relatively weak free agent class, and (c) Marion would fill an important hole next season and almost certainly improve the team. But I'd treat it as just idle chatter for the time being.