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The At the Hive Community Draft Board: Pick #5

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Victor Oladipo won the fourth spot on the community draft board in a squeaker - the voting was tied between Dipo, Alex Len, and Trey Burke until early Saturday. He nabbed two more votes to pull ahead, and he took the fourth spot in the voting. Here's how the draft board stands:

1) Nerlens Noel
2) Ben McLemore
3) Otto Porter
4) Victor Oladipo

Today's vote is for the fifth spot on the draft board - as always we have the Better Know a Prospect profiles of the draft prospects:

Better Know a Prospect: Michael Carter-Williams, G, Syracuse
Better Know a Prospect: Trey Burke, G, Michigan
Better Know a Prospect: Alex Len, C, Maryland
Better Know a Prospect: Anthony Bennett, F, UNLV