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Hornets Links 5/6

Arena names, former Hornets, and more.

Well, well, well.
Well, well, well.
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

- Tyson Chandler battled David West in the opening game of Knicks-Pacers yesterday, obviously something of a surreal sight. For more on both, check out Indy Cornrows and Posting and Toasting throughout the series.

Chris Paul's out, but Quincy Pondexter and Jarrett Jack are also both alive, playing important bench roles. Jack, it appears, will be going the free agent route this summer.

- Jimmy Smith writes about Brian Roberts' surprising impact in his rookie NBA campaign.

- Anthony Davis visited his old coach and team in Kentucky last week.

- Finally, the Pelicans are still searching for an arena name for next season. After we were presented the truly glorious New Orleans Seafood Arena, Seasoned by Zatarain's before having it rudely snatched away a year ago, nothing else is really going to come close. But I suppose they can try.