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Greivis Vasquez Has Surgery on One Ankle, Not Both


It was reported last week in various Venezuelan publications that Greivis Vasquez was scheduled to have clean-up surgical procedures performed on both ankles on Friday in Los Angeles.

That appears to be just half true, however (thanks to commenter asifyouknow for pointing it out first).

Or maybe one-third true. Vasquez did have surgery, but only on his right ankle, and on Saturday instead of Friday as originally reported. Per the Times Picayune, the surgery was performed at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute, also the site of Eric Gordon's arthroscopic procedure on May 10.

The good news is the surgery appears to have been successful, and Vasquez is starting rehab work soon (and returning to "basketball activities" "later in the summer" whenever that is and whatever those are). The bad news is surgery's still surgery, and the Pelicans' starting backcourt has had a damn lot of it in the last few months.