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DraftExpress: Anthony Bennett Scouting Video

Jeff Bottari

This video's from January, but I'd recommend every Pelicans fan watch it.

UNLV's Anthony Bennett finished the year with fantastic stats and measurements -- 39% from three, 27.6 PER, 0.37 FTA/possession, 11.1 rebounds per 40 minutes pace-adjusted, 7'1" wingspan -- but Draft Express' scouting work here does an excellent job underscoring just how weird he is. All the awesomeness of the first half of video (his highlights) is more or less undone by how spectacularly poorly and lethargically Bennett approaches many aspects of the game. Hilarious blown defensive assignments, awful rebounding instincts, pull up threes with 31 left on the shot clock, pull up threes with 34 left (really) on the shot clock -- Bennett might be the biggest enigma in the draft.

He could be a top 3 pick, or he could fall out to the Pelicans' selection. I'm not a fan, but I'm willing to be convinced. Watch this and hit us with your Bennett insights: