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Greivis Vasquez to Have Minor Surgery on Both Ankles

Rob Carr

Per El Universal, a Venezuelan paper based out of Caracas, Greivis Vasquez is scheduled for minor surgery on both his ankles tomorrow.

According to the report, Vasquez experienced some discomfort during the tail end of the season, and the procedure will remove loose particles from his ankles. The surgery will take place in Los Angeles, and the paper also reports that there's a 12-16 week recovery period on the table, putting Vasquez's participation in the FIBA Americas Championship in August in question.

Quoth Vasquez: "I played with pain during the final weeks of the regular season. I understand that this is the right decision. [I] need to focus on my rehabilitation and return healthy. Hopefully be able to play in the FIBA Americas Championship FIBA although I know that will be determined by how [developed] my recovery."

2013-2014 is the last remaining year on Vasquez's current deal; he's slated to earn a tad over $2M.