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Orlando Magic Rumored to Like Trey Burke, Ben McLemore

Jamie Squire

Not too surprising a headline, that.

Pro Basketball Draft suggests that's the direction Orlando might go with the second pick. While the team's current best player, Arron Afflalo, does play the off-guard, he could theoretically be moved over to small forward if the Magic elect to go with Ben McLemore. Trey Burke hasn't ranked near the top of mock drafts or overall big boards as frequently as McLemore, and so there'll be questions about whether Orlando feels comfortable taking him so high. Nonetheless, it'd make sense for them to address the backcourt in some capacity here, assuming Nerlens Noel is gone with the first pick.

If they take Burke, Washington would appear likely to pass on McLemore as well, having drafted Bradley Beal with the third pick just a year ago. That'd leave McLemore to Charlotte presumably at #4, with two of Anthony Bennett, Victor Oladipo, and Otto Porter making it to Phoenix and New Orleans depending on who the Wizards select.

On the other hand, if Orlando takes McLemore, Burke could slide a bit further down. Washington already has John Wall, and Kemba Walker came into his own for the Bobcats in 2012. Meanwhile, Goran Dragic has rattled off back-to-back great seasons, is ostensibly in the prime of his career at age 27, and signed a 4 year, $32M deal with the Suns last summer. We can't take either Charlotte or Phoenix passing on Burke as a sure thing, but Orlando selecting McLemore over Burke could plausibly create a very positive ripple effect for New Orleans.