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Let the Mock Drafting Commence

Jason Szenes

With the draft order officially set last night, it's time to get more specific with our Pelicans draft board and overall mock draft in general.

Draft Express has a mock updated for last night's lottery available here, with explanations of the selections available here. DX's top 6 goes thusly:

1. Cleveland - Nerlens Noel
2. Orlando - Ben McLemore
3. Washington - Anthony Bennett
4. Charlotte - Victor Oladipo
5. Phoenix - Otto Porter
6. New Orleans - Alex Len

Orlando, Charlotte, and Phoenix, it appears could go in any possible direction, which makes planning for the 6th pick rather difficult. As Jon Givony writes about Orlando:

Trey Burke, Anthony Bennett, Otto Porter and others will get looks here as well, as its unlikely that we'll have much of a definitive inclination of what the Magic will do with this pick until much closer to draft day.

Of that group, I love Burke, and I hate Bennett. But for at least a few more weeks, we won't know how the teams above us feel about them.