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At the Hive Approval Ratings: Eric Gordon


So this will be fun.

Positives: That one dunk, maintained a solid free throw rate at 6.3 FTA/36 min gradually improved his passing and creative ability through the season and finished with a 19.3% assist percentage, sustained career high usage, shot 84% from the free throw line, generally retained his lateral quickness on the defensive end, seemed to gain stamina and strength in the last few weeks of the season

Negatives: The injuries, the surgery he just had last week, overall efficiency dropped to -5, three point percentage remained low (32%), highest turnover rate (14.6%) of his career, lowest true shooting (52.3%) of his career, vocal shouting match with Monty Williams, questions about his desire to play for New Orleans

My Grade: 3, Explanation: I flipped a coin to choose between a 2 and a 3. I ruled out a 1 because we saw enough from Gordon this season where it wouldn't be totally outlandish to maybe, maybe think he could return to his past form in 2013-2014 given health. At the same time, his role in the offense was frequently bizarre and disconnected from the rest of the offense entirely, his shot just hasn't returned to Los Angeles levels at all, it's questionable whether his injuries ever let him get past his stamina issues, and we can toss all the motivation questions atop all of that.

And so you could probably assign any score to Gordon and back it up reasonably well. Your thoughts?