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NBA Trade Rumors: Eric Gordon to the Clippers?


Bourbon Street Shots reported on Twitter yesterday that they'd "heard buzz" that an Eric Gordon/Robin Lopez for Eric Bledsoe/DeAndre Jordan trade could be in the works. I can't comment on the veracity of the rumor, and I'd treat as pure speculation for now.

Still, it seems quite plausible that Gordon could be on the move, and so it's worth discussing (usnfish proposed a very, very similar trade in the comments yesterday).

Three aspects of this trade would give me pause here. First, Jordan earns twice as much as Lopez while providing the same (or very arguably worse) value on offense, and Jordan hasn't developed defensively nearly the way many assumed he might a couple years ago. Second, I've never been a fan of Eric Bledsoe or his playing style, and I simply don't think a player of his skillset -- negative 4 offensive rating, scorer over creator, high turnover rate -- would jibe well with a developing Anthony Davis. His defensive ability, of course, is quite tasty though. And finally, it'd probably be a sell-low on Gordon unless his injury prognosis was more definitive (and if it was, this trade would not exist).

Your thoughts?