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Hornets Lose to the Warriors


The Warriors continued their march toward the 2013 playoffs at the expense of the Hornets.

The dichotomy in excellent and awful play among the starters was particularly noticeable: Anthony Davis struggled from the floor at 2 for 11 and a measly 6 points in his 32 minutes. I had the Warriors feed for this one; any time any person anywhere rants and raves about David Lee's defense, even if this person happens to be paid to generally commentate on and otherwise expound on the virtues of various Golden State Warriors, something has gone horribly awry.

In the backcourt, Greivis Vasquez and Eric Gordon had up and down performances. Vasquez's creativity (9 assists, 2 turnovers) was on display, but so too were multiple flailing, aimless forays into the paint that led to him tossing the ball vaguely in the direction of the rim at best. Gordon was off from the field (5 for 17), something we've become more than accustomed to, but while his free throw rate has dropped this year, he was able to get to the line 11 times. (And speaking of getting to the line, the final minute of the ballgame was probably the most perfect possible encapsulation of the career of Xavier Henry).

Next to Davis, Robin Lopez performed rather well. His 17 points on 11 shots easily outpaced both Andrew Bogut's and Festus Ezili's cumulative 6 point performance for the Warriors. But the Hornets rebounded just around league average, and Lopez's 4 defensive rebounds stand out (as usual).

Overall? This was a workman-like loss. Even with the Hornets within single digits for much of the close of the game, the odds that they would ever pull even were next to zero.

On to the next one.