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More Eric Gordon Trade Rumors!



It's a bit inaccurate to say the Eric Gordon trade rumors have commenced because they never really ceased.

But, as WWLTV reports today, they'll likely ramp up in intensity with today's comment from Dell Demps.

"To say if I anticipate [Gordon] being back - I don't know if that's something I can answer right now, or him not to be back. We're going to sit down and evaluate every situation and opportunity."

On the one hand, it's the same "all situations will be looked at" quote we've been getting for the last twelve or so months. On the other, the fact that it's been twelve or so months is absolutely ridiculous. And possibly indicative of something. With the one year anniversary of Gordon's heart taking out a beachfront property mortgage in Phoenix fast approaching, not much has changed at all.

Gordon's play improved as the season wound down, and his too high usage rate was likely falsely indicative of an inaccurately steep a decline in ability. Still, the Pelicans' (ugh ugh ugh) future with Gordon looks murky as ever. Demps' quote today could foreshadow a tumultuous summer.