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Monday Links


The makeup of next season’s Pelicans squad will be impacted by a number of factors, including free agency. New Orleans currently has five players scheduled to become unrestricted free agents on July 1: starting small forward Al-Farouq Aminu, reserve shooting guard Roger Mason, reserve wing Xavier Henry and late-season pickups Lou Amundson and Terrel Harris. Four other Pelicans have contract terms that at least temporarily do not ensure their return in 2013-14.

"When you have as many free agents as we have, you’re going to have changes," Williams said matter-of-factly. "That’s just the nature of it. When you have a record like we have, you’re not going to settle for this kind of production. But we do like our guys. We do want to bring a lot of them back, for sure."

  • Already missing Anthony Davis? posted their selection of top 10 Unibrow plays (thanks for the heads up usnfish). Gotta say I'm a bit disappointed that there wasn't a single play depicting Anthony's amazing hands and ability to make adjustments in midair. This one from Youtube is a little better, but it still doesn't do him justice. Anyone with a good link or two?
  • Greivis Vasquez finished the season with 704 assists, the most by any player in 2012-13. Considering many of us were worried about the point guard position after Jarrett Jack was traded in preseason, that's a heck of an accomplishment. Regardless, many fans still aren't sure whether Vasquez represents the long term solution at the position or he is merely a stopgap. Things could get even more interesting depending which direction the Hornets decide to go in the NBA draft.
  • HERE is a good article about Brian Roberts. While he had some very good moments, it's murky at best on whether he'll be back:
"He can play," Williams said recently. "It doesn’t happen if he doesn’t work hard, and he works his tail off. We’re just thankful that we can go to a guy like Brian in a pinch ... where he pays big minutes and he produces.

"He has the capability of being a backup point guard, there’s no question. A lot of it is just fit, if he fits right with what we’re doing going forward. That’s something we’ll have to evaluate this summer."

  • Ryan Anderson recently gushed about how close the team was this season despite all the losses:
"For us I know this is the best group of guys I have ever played with. Everybody is close and that is so rare. We all have each others backs and that really helps. Obviously, winning is the one thing that is going to solve every problem."
  • Best team he's ever played on? Nice. Also, towards the end of the article, he alludes to the fact he's accepted his role as the team's 6th man. So does this mean that the team will continue with the Davis/Lopez tandem or will the Hornets bring in someone this off-season to pair with our young franchise player?