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Tuesday Links


  • Yesterday's bombings in Boston touched us all, but Austin Rivers had a personal scare. His dad, Doc Rivers, lives a mere 3 blocks from where the tragedy occurred near the the Boston Marathon's finish line; in addition:
"My mom runs marathons, but she didn’t run that one this year. That scared the heck out of me, that could have been my mom or my father. If that would happened, man, I don’t even know. . .I prayed for those injured and those who lost their live may they rest in peace. That’s just terrible."
  • Doesn't it seem odd that Jimmy Smith thought it'd be productive to ask fans to name the one position the Hornets don't need to make a change? A few days ago, Jim Eichenhofer broke it down very well after Sunday's loss to the Mavericks:
The future is blindingly bright at this position, with starter Davis possessing as much upside as any young NBA player. He showed glimpses of his vast potential throughout his rookie season, but after the All-Star break, the 20-year-old turned that talent into production on a regular basis. The only negative from Year 1 for the No. 1 pick was injuries; he will finish with 64 games played. One of the more impressive statistics from Davis’ debut was that he ranks 17th among all players in PER, which shows how much he accomplished in the 28.8 minutes he averaged. Anderson was technically the backup power forward on the depth chart, but it seems like a major misnomer considering he was second on New Orleans in average minutes per game (behind only Greivis Vasquez). Anderson proved to be a tremendous acquisition, as one of the NBA’s premier three-point shooters and a player who carried the offense during the early-season stretch when Davis and Eric Gordon were sidelined.
  • HERE is a list of all the college underclassmen that have declared for the upcoming NBA draft. As of this post, Marcus Smart is the biggest name to still be considering his options. He has until April 28, the NBA Draft early entry eligibility deadline.
  • Greivis Vasquez has undoubtedly had a very positive season, but he did set a dubious record on Sunday that he probably wished he hadn't - the Hornets single season record for turnovers (247). If you're wondering about where his 2012-13 assists total puts him on the all time list, eighth.