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Anthony Davis leaves Sacramento game with a left knee sprain


From John Reid

New Orleans Hornets rookie forward Anthony Davis had to be helped off the court after suffering a sprained left knee with 5:45 remaining in the game...When Davis walked off the court to the locker room, he barely could put pressure on his left leg.

Then a little later, Jim Eichenhofer tweeted:

Anthony Davis has a left knee sprain and will not return to tonight's game at Sacramento

And about twenty minutes ago, Jim Eichenhofer tweeted:

Monty on Anthony Davis knee: "I think he's ok. I don't want to jump the gun... We've got to let the doctors check him out to make sure."

For those who didn't see it, Marcus Thornton fell into Unibrow's leg on a drive to the basket during the 4th quarter. Welp, at least fans won't be reminiscing about Thornton nearly as frequently anymore?

Davis has missed 15 games this season to a concussion, a left ankle sprain and a left shoulder injury. Fortunately, at this moment, it appears he may have averted a far worse injury; however, he's not out of the woods yet. The Hornets will have Davis undergo further evaluations and probably an MRI. Fingers crossed that everything comes out negative!

Needless to say, his 2012-13 season could very well be over. With three games remaining on the schedule, it certainly wouldn't make much sense to trot out a less than 100% franchise player.


An MRI performed on New Orleans Hornets rookie Anthony Davis on Thursday revealed a sprained left medial collateral ligament, bone bruise, but no structural damage, the team said Thursday evening. He will miss the final three games of the season.

No surgery will be required.